Hey – Yes I Mean YOU!

So, my Mom has been sick. She is a little better now, and I’m relaxing a bit. Due to Mom’s illness, I’ve been driving around the suburbs north of Detroit nearly every day for 4 weeks. This is unusual, I usually don’t go out that much.

I’ve had a few way too close calls, I’ve seem more than my share of idiots. I’ve learned a few things about my suburban neighbors over that short period of time, and I have something to say to you.

So, if you and your (pick one) kids, cell phone, Starbucks, sandwich, fries, Coke, DQ shake, markup, newspaper, book, computer or any other accessory have been tooling around Rochester Hills, Troy, Madison Heights, Rochester or Auburn Hills over the past month THIS IS FOR YOU:

PUT your (pick one) cell phone, Starbucks, sandwich, fries, Coke, DQ shake, makeup, newspaper, book, computer or other accessories DOWN. Or leave them home.

QUIT playing with your kids and buckle them in an approved seat.

RED means stop.

YELLOW means caution, stop if you can.

Late model cars are all equipped with TURN SIGNALS. Use ‘em.

Passing on the right is not OK, even if you do use your turn signal.

Folks, at any age or level of ability, driving is a full time serious business. Please treat it that way!

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