Here Comes the Weather

Papa and I had a great trip to Pigeon Forge at the end of last week.  We drove home on Sunday, narrowly escaping the ice storm that caused trouble in Northern Ohio and Southeastern lower Michigan.  We did see a few accidents, but at the time we went through, a little commen sense would have prevented those.  They were all on or near bridges.  Remember, bridges freeze before the roadway. 

 We saw some good bluegrass.  The best of the show was the Steep Canyon Rangers, IMHO.  See them as soon as you can.  Papa is working on his pictures, which I will probably post on Wednesday.  Stay tuned.

I’m trying to get ready for Christmas, not so easy a task this year.  I did send cards today,  If Papa hadn’t helped, I would have never made it.  Now, I sewing, cleaning and so on. 

A front is coming, or perhaps it’s here.  The weather men are singing and dancing with glee, they love bad weather.  The rest of us are quietly looking out the windows, sighing, and looking for the ice melter we had last spring and put somewhere.

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