Haul out the Padded Bras….

D1 was shopping for her nieces, Gds 1 and 2 recently.  She gave me several indignant paragraphs regarding the padded bras available in the girls section of a major department store.  This is not a discount store, and it also isn’t an upscale specialty shop.  I think it’s silly to offer bras in sizes to fit undeveloped young girls with padding to give the appearance they actually need that bra.  The scary part of this is that parents must be buying them, since they are available in stores.  Someone here is crazy.  Since I don’t have young daughters, this doesn’t have a direct affect on me, so I just agreed it was crazy and went on with my life.

Today, something made me pause to think about it again.  GD1 and GD2 are going to be flower girls in a wedding in the spring.  I’m the resident seamstress, so I’m making the dresses.  So far, so good.  The bride-to-be mailed D2 a sample of the fabric and a link to the photo of the dress.  The photo features an obviously preadolescent girl in a very cute dress.  She is wearing shoes with a little heel, but the heel is square, and might hold up a young kid. I’m only mentioning the shoes because the GDs are very much like my girls were, they notice the details.  And they will expect those shoes if they see the photo.

 The problem is that the little girl in the photograph must be wearing one of those padded bras.  No kidding. Perhaps this girl is eleven or 12, but I’m not sure about that.  She looks seven or eight to me.  Would you dress your younger than age 8 daughters in a padded bra?  I hope not.

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