Happy Birthday

GS2 is having a birthday today, he is seventeen. I could write 17, but seventeen seems older, and he seems older.

Here are GS2 and GS3. 2 is driving the jeep that was 3’s first birthday gift. Let’s see, 3 was born in 1999, so the party was in March, 2000. 2 was born in 1991. so 2000-1991 equals 9.

My conclusion, GS2 was about 8-1/2 in when this was taken, and would turn 9 the following September. Another one of my long, drawn out, crazy math problems. It takes me a while — but I get there.

noah one Josh jeep

Good thing we had a driver. GS3 learned how to drive this toy when he was about 18 months old. I remember that because we visited, to assist with some household project, or just to visit.

Little GS3 came running to the back yard, jabbering some kind of crazy stuff all the way. Then he got in the jeep, and pushed the pedal to the metal, and kept talking. He wanted us to know he had it figured out.

Happy Birthday!! Have a great senior year.

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