Hamilton Cemetery, Edgewood, Gratiot County, Michigan

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This cemetery is south of M-46 and Breckenridge. We got there by following Barry Road south from M-46. The mile roads are named for presidents, so we cruised by Jackson, Lincoln, Van Buren, Harrison, Tyler and Polk roads, before the pattern was broken by St. Charles Road. I have no idea what it is named for. One mile south of St. Charles the pattern continues, Washington, Fillmore, Pierce, Buchanan…. The cemetery is just south of the intersection of Washington and Barry Road, on the east side of Berry road.


The Peet and Gross families were residents of this area, and are related to our son-in-law.

The Gross families are descended from Jonah Gross, born in Enfield (historical), Hampshire County, Massachusetts, and in Oakland County, Michigan by 1831, perhaps earlier.

An older stone marks the grave of Alfred A. Gross, 1857-1894, a son of Jonah and his first wife, Harriet Harwood. A transcription of the cemetery has this as Gross, unknown.
gross unknown

I did a little work on it, and am satisfied that this was placed at the death of Alfred A. Gross. If you look at the enlarged image, the 1874 and the A. Gross are very clear. and you can see the outline of the Alfred.
alfred for sure

An more modern marker was apparently placed later, perhaps when Rhoda passed away. Alfred A., 1827-1894 & Rhoda (Dayton) Gross, 1841-1930, were S-in-L’s 3rd great-grandparents.
alfred rhoda dayton gross

Guy C., 1887-1958, & Timoline I. (Peet) Gross, 1890-1974, S-in-L’s great-grandparents.
guy timoline peet gross

We also photographed these graves of others from S-in-L’s family.

First cousin 3 times removed, Fred T., 1883-1954 & Anna H. (Meehling) Gross, 1893 1974.

Second cousin twice removed, George A. Gross, 1916-1977.  He was Fred and Anna’s son.

Second great granduncle, Frank J. Gross, 1858-1940, and wife Julia A. , 1860-1938.

Great granduncle, L. Henry Gross, 1908-1966, and wife Ruth, 1913-1999.

Great granduncle, Leo, 1890-1953, & Grace M. (Hill) Gross, 1891-1947

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  1. I received a comment on Facebook about this post, and I am copying it to here, since it helps describe the neighborhood so well. This was posted by Mary:

    This is my old stomping grounds. I grew up a mile north and half mile east of the blinker light. There used to be a store on the northeast corner of the intersection. I have lots of family in this cemetery.

    Oh BTW, the north-south roads are named for Michigan governors. Take Washington Road (at the blinker light) and go west directly into Ithaca and US 127. Back a mile to the north from Washington Road on St Charles Road and then east a couple of miles is the Lafayette Township Cemetery. A lot of my family is buried there too.

    St. Charles Road is so named because it was used to go to St. Charles (in Saginaw County). That’s like Washington Road as you get to Montcalm County is called Ithaca-Stanton Road because it directly links Ithaca (in Gratiot) and Stanton (in Montcalm).

    The people who named the roads back then were just practical–this route takes you here, so it became named for that route. Bit of trivia, Washington Road was supposed to be the original M-57 before it ended up where it is now a few miles south–at least that’s what the old timers say. Don’t know why it was moved down where it is now.

    One last thing—the country school at the corner of Barry and St Charles Roads is Frost No. 5. It is where my father and his siblings went to school and where my 4 older sibling went to school. I went there up through 3rd grade, we then annexed into Ithaca Public School District. My older siblings had a choice which school to go to, either Breckenridge or Ithaca, when they finished 8th grade at Frost. Both buses went by our house. One sister went to Breckenridge, the other 3 to Ithaca.

    • Pat Haecker on October 16, 2010 at 11:12 pm

    I am seeking gravestone info on ancestor Sarah Ringle Muffly/Muffley
    b. 7 Oct 1802 Pa; d. 3 Mar 1876/7
    Bur. Hamilton twp Cemetery Edgewood, Gratiot co
    wife of John Muffley 1805-1891 same
    If you can provide any info, really appreciate it

  2. I visited this cemetery specifically to find certain graves. I did not record information about any other burials. I will e-mail you some sources for Gratiot County, Michigan Genealogy.

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