Growing Up?

D2 called last night to let me know that GD2 had ambition, perhaps more than we realized.  The cute little one was wearing a dress that I made for her older sister.  D2 said, how big you’re getting, to wear this dress Grandma made.  GD2 replied, “Soon I will grow big enough to wear Grandma’s clothes.”  I guess when you grow into most things you wear, you look forward to the next level.  She’s got quite a ways to go, and what she doesn’t know is that I wear my clothes out, there is nothing left to hand down! 

Years ago I was complaining about not being able to reach the top shelf of the cupboard, and GS2 said, “You’ll be able to reach it next year.”  He was shocked to learn that I wasn’t getting taller every year.  After all, he was, and so was his brother. 

Our prospective, the way we view the world,  is such an ingrained part of who we are, we forget that it’s different for others. 

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