Green Light?

The children went home last Friday, or did I mention that already?  So, about the green light—.  I was driving GS3 either to or from the Detroit Zoo, where he attended Summer Safari last week.  At some light, one of those advance green arrows the traffic engineers are so proud of, the 3 or 4 cars in front of me never moved.  I muttered something about what color green they were expecting.  From the second row, in the neighborhood of my 3 year-old granddaughter’s seat came a not so little voice, “PEOPLE, do you have your green?”  Wow, if I’d forgotten what a huge influence we can be on little ones, I remembered in a hurry. 

We went to the Goins benefit, and had a good time.  Saw Karl Shiftlett, Dave Evans, Sam Jackson and the gang, McCoy Grass, and more.  Melvin put on two sets, I sure can’t get enough of John Rigsby’s fiddle.  He’s turned out to be quite a showman, he filled in with Karl and it was a sight to behold.  Shows like this are a green light- go when you can.

But, most of those people were either talking on their phones or using them for e-mail, or reading the morning paper, or whatever.  Very few people in the Detroit area seem to be driving when they’re driving.  Oh well.

I’ll be posting the benefit photos on Papa’s site later today.

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