Great Weekend

We had a great weekend.  I met D2 and retrieved GS3, GD1 and GD2 Thursday afternoon.  They were fun to have around.   In their words, not mine, we “took a day off” on Friday.  They were here becasue there was no school, and they enjoyed it.  Friday night D3 was in charge, and Papa and I went to a concert we’d been looking forwad too.

The Steep Canyon Rangers showed why they are nominated for a couple of IMBA awards, Album of the Year and Gospel Recorded Performance of the Year.  I was a great show, and an enthusiastic crowd agreed with us.

Saturday Papa and I loaded up the crew for a trip to the Zoo.  A good time was had by all, especially those who like ice cream.  We saw some animals, too.

Sunday, we all headed out to our village.  Greenfield Village is “special” for GD1 and I.  We always have fun there, and she knows how to have fun.  One Labor Day, our family, including all the kids were at a parade and celebration Up North.  When the old cars started to roll by, no one had much to say.  Suddenly,  3 year old GD1 said, “Look, cars from Grandma’s village.”  Sure enough, there were a few Model T’s in the parade.  Well, we thought it said something.

Anyway, the bus is the big attraction for GD1 at the village.  GS3 learned a bunch about the Smith’s Creek Train station.  He repeated everything the guide told him about Henry Ford, Edision, and the station for me as we rode the train.  Unfortunately, he thinks he’s too old for the carousal.  GD2 wanted to “go in”.  We can go in anything, let’s do it.  And we did.  We had a nice lunch, and a treat, and headed out to meet D2 and S-in-L.

Back at home, Papa and I plotted our next trip, and rested!

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