Gray Saturday

Papa and I worked on the yard and garden a little this morning.  The leaves are finally falling some, but many are still on the trees.  He ran the mower and dumped what he collected on the garden.  I removed all the tomato cages, and picked some tomates in the process, I ate one for lunch and it was OK, but not great.  Most of the garden is frozen, but I also managed to find some green tomatoes for a friend; and there were a few carrots I brought in to make a carrot cake.

My sinuses are killing me, this is day three of a horrible headache.  Not sure what to do, I tried some sinus medication today it it helped some. 

I didn’t feel good yesterday, but we went to GS2’s game anyway and had a ball.  The away (our) side of the field didn’t have nearly enough stands for our team’s supporters.  Additionally, parking was a nightmare, and not nearly enough was available.  People were parked on sidewalks, lawns, everywhere.  Our side filled the bleachers, the band was given portable bleachers on the track, and our crowd spilled out around the fence, 2 and 3 deep for much of our side of the field.  Our opponents crowd was big too; the place was packed.  There was no way to get near the concession stand, so I was really thirsty before the game ended. 

Papa edited his photos this morning before the yard work, and they are here.  Regional trophy, what a great thing for the kids.  I’m working on a slide show for the football banquet, which is Monday.  Hope I finish in time.  D1 and GS2 cleaned the house and did some wash while we did the yard work, so it’s pretty spiffy around here right now.  D3 is at a craft show today, trying to see some of her wares, I sure hope she does.  She has some beautiful hand-made scarves, and lots of other cute things.

I’m taking a nap.  Right. Now.

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