Grandma, I need a …..

The phone rang last night, and Papa said it was for me.  I answered, and D2 told me that GD1 needed to talk to me.  She is the 4 ½ year old, and she first visited us by herself when she was about 18 months old.  We’re buddies, but she’s growing up, and I’m not.

She said, “I need a bathrobe.”

I said, “What color would it be?”

She said, “Purple.”

I said, “Smooth or fuzzy?”

She said, “Fuzzy.”

I said, “Zipper or buttons?”

She said “Zipper.”

I said, “OK.”

She said goodbye.

D2 told me she didn’t understand exactly what the problem is.  GD1 has a purple fuzzy bathrobe that I made her sometime back.  Apparently, GD1 was sitting around in the robe, looked at it, and asked, “When did I get this, when I was 3?”  When the answer was affirmative, she said she needed a new one.  D2 says that the sleeves are a little short, and it doesn’t touch the floor but is otherwise in good shape.

I went to the store today and bought enough fleece to make 2 robes, one for each of my granddaughters.  At least I’m not out of things to do!

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  2. […] Bean soup and homemade bread will be on the dinner menu, that’s my kind of cold weather food.  I’ll spend the day making small, purple bathrobes! […]

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