Grace Cemetery, Harmony, Pennsylvania

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This cemetery is located just outside Harmony. It is adjacent to the old Mennonite meeting house, and was the burial place for a number of the Mennonite community in Harmony. The cemetery is sometimes called the Old Mennonite Cemetery

Here is view of the older portion of the cemetery.
A restoration project was underway when we visited, but many of the markers in the old section appeared to be beyond repair.

Emanuel Bixler. Emanuel was a great-grand uncle of Papa

Fred H. Foreman and wife Adaline Hall. Frederick Henry Foreman was the son of Isaac Foreman and Elizabeth Bixler Foreman; a sibling of Papa’s Grandmother, Susan Amelia Foreman.
FredForemanAdalinehall cem

Isaac Foreman and wife Elizabeth Bixler, Papa’s great-grandparents.

Mary Ziegler Foreman, wife of John Foreman. John S. Foreman married Mary Pauline “Polly” Ziegler about 1852. Polly was a daughter of Andrew Shelly Ziegler and his wife Anna “Nancy” Ziegler. John and Polly were the parents of at least eight children. John remarried after Polly’s death.MaryZieglerForeman

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