Got Tomatoes?

After a couple of weeks neglect, I finally got to the garden over the weekend.  Saturday D3 and I pulled a bunch of weeds.  Papa and I took down the fence, then we mowed the neglected yard.  Of all the crazy things, yesterday I picked 7 buckets of tomatoes.  Seven five-gallon buckets.  I hauled them from the garden to the garage with the wagon, 2 at a time.  It was 1:30 when I finished, and 2:30 when I got out of the shower, (had to scrub the shower, not sure I could get clean if I didn’t.)  GS2 carried in all 7 and lined them up in the kitchen.  I could recount the whole sad story, but it is probably enough to say that there was about 1 bucket that wasn’t ripe enough to can.  The rest amounted to 49 quarts of tomato juice.  3 didn’t seal.  Someone has got to carry them all downstairs.  How do I get into these messes?

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