Good Morning!

I’m feeling chipper today, not sure why.  Well, maybe I do know why.  I’ve managed to clean the kitchen cupboards, counter, walls, the outsides of the appliances, the windows, and mop the floor.  It looks so much better in there, I’ll never cook again.  Well, maybe I will.  Finished vacuuming the bedroom, stairs, living room, diningroom, cleaned the diningroom floor, and ready for a shower.   Gee, wish every day was like this.  My head still hurts, but getting rid of all that cat hair can’t hurt.  And I used heat on my forehead and it’s draining some.  That helps a little, too. 

I’ve got to take the garage sale remains to a charity, help someone learn how to check web-mail, buy a turkey to send to M-in-L for Thanksgiving.  I don’t have to cook, but my part is to send the bird, which I happily do. 

Better than all I’ve accomplished, Papa and GS2 mowed, put the cover on Lex, tilled part of the garden, and generally cleaned up a lot around here yesterday.  D3 picked 3 buckets of tomatoes, and a half bucket of peppers.  I’m not sure what to do this time.  They sure do taste good, I’ll send some to M-in-L, things are sure to be frozen up there by now. 

I’m going to put in another load of wash, get a shower, and read the paper!

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