Good morning, Michigan

It’s cold, again or still. The first e-mail I read this morning was from My-cast, and instead of the usual “cast” it offered a winter storm watch. If they think I’ve to time to watch for a storm they’ve got another think coming.

We returned our granddaughters yesterday, meeting their mother and GS3 halfway.  Sesame Street Live was a lot of fun. This year’s title is, “Super Grover, ready for Action”.  Super Grover’s entrance included a flight across the stage.  in the flight, he looked a little like a piece of plywood with some fur attached.  Of course, only adults noticed this slight defect.  Grover lost his superness and it took the whole show for him to find it again.  For the first time, we sat in the balcony. The ceiling of the Fox is a beautiful sight, and I looked at that more than the stage. GD1 remembered, and described the “big ball” hanging from the domed ceiling to my Mother the next day. The trip consisted of “spinners” the lovely, useless but irresistible toy offered from the SS concession, AND Elmo balloons, which were offered at a price that made even a grandparent choke. But they made little girls happy.

GD2 had a cold again, and I’ve got the sniffles already. I sure wish I was immune to that stuff. Perhaps by the end of the winter?

Sadness prevailed in our little corner of the bluegrass world this weekend. John Rigsby’s brother, Joe, was killed in an automobile accident. Sadly, our friend Ada’s brother, Ken Duty, also passed away last week. We had expected to see Melvin Goins and the band (including John) at the Kentuckians of Michigan this Friday evening. Melvin cancelled in order to attend Joe Rigsby’s funeral. We did go to the Kentuckians for a while on Friday; Mike Adams graciously played that evening. On the stage with Mike were Jeff Tuttle, wizard of the mandolin, John Coffey and Danny Blankenship.

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