Getting to Know Me, Getting to Know Granny’s Genealogy

This post is a response to Terry’s challenge. I’ve read quite a few, and I sure like the idea, and the results!

About me, I’m Pam. I am a person you might dread, a complex mix of radically different thoughts and ideas: a paradox in a tee shirt. I write because it is possible to do so, and because I enjoy it. I research the genealogy of our family, so history can speak to me and others, teaching us it’s unique lessons. I hope to meet and correspond with other researchers of the same people and places.

My brightest work, well, I think it’s
“Soap Ends”: .
I like it for it’s mystery, and it’s connection with my so called life.

My breeziest, (sassy, funny, provocative, sprightly) article, hummmm.
“What Would You Take”; on my other blog: .
I like it for it’s real-worldness, it reminds us to have a little fun under all circumstances.

Most beautiful,
“First Rose”, also on my other blog in this post:
It’s the picture, folks, taken with a very old, first generation digital camera.

If you need to know more about the real me, read a few posts on GrannyPam, . I’m resourceful, have a sense of humor and love a challenge. The GeneBlogger me is a new person, but the researcher is old and somewhat wise.  I’m blogging my genealogy finds a bit at at time, allowing me to keep afloat on the home front, and in my research.

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