Geneablogger 2010 Winter Games

I am rolling down the the finish on my Winter Games activities.  I will have limited time after today to complete more activities, so my summary will probably list my accomplishments through today.

In response to task 4C, I created a memorial page for my father, James Austin Yearnd, Sr., on Footnote. I was pleasantly surprised when it easily converted to an “I Remember” page on Facebook.

I switched to the present for task 3C in organize your research.  I found hunted up all the photographs we have taken at the reunion of M-in-L’s family, and organized them in archival quality pages in notebooks, by year.  I will take them to next year’s reunion and try to get the names of the unidentified (mostly children) people.  A great task to have out of the way, with benefit for everyone.

In response to item 4D, I headed over to the Research Helps Page.  I selected New York State, an area where I need to do much additional research.  In reviewing the New York State Research Outline, I noted a link to the Family History Library Catalog for New York resources.  There were also a variety of links and listings of  books, internet sites, and other resources.  The research outline may contain information about sources I was not familiar with, and I will be consulting these research outlines for each State when I am beginning to research here.  There was also a index of indexes and sources for finding references to ancestors, arranged by time period, and pointing to Family History Library microfilm and print resources.

I believe it would be helpful to combine this reference with Cyndi’s List, which points to internet resources; and World Cat, along with your local library catalog.  I also look for local and county Historical and Genealogical Societies, in the area I am researching, since they often contribute indexes and publish information.

Last, but not least, I completed Task 5A by revising and re-publishing  my “About Granny’s Genealogy” page.

I decided to use the rest of today to continue posting photos on Find-A-Grave, a feel good task that may assist other researchers, now or in the future.

I want to conclude this summary by saying that I am glad I decided to participate in the Games!  Even though I have not done every task, I have learned from each one I did complete.  There is nothing that makes life more worthwhile than learning!

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