Garden Pictures – Finally!

Stuff goes on, and things take time. We’ve had a good garden year, but the rain stopped about a month ago, and everything is dying now. Things didn’t start out smoothly, either, but the middle portion of the summer was good to the grass, the garden and the trees.

I did keep track with some photos, until I got so busy I forgot the camera and just worked. So here’s a little review of our little garden patch, 2008:

Beans on 5-30-2008


Beans on 6-11-2008

g 011

Close-up on 6-12-08. You can see the cucumbers next to the fence. They end up growing up the fence and across the lawn in good years.

g 022

Here are the cucumbers on 5-30-08


That’s enough for today. I’ll get to more later.

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