Galveston, Oh Galveston

Mom and S-Dad lived on the West end of Galveston Island for several years, and then on Pt. Bolivar after that. I still have family in the area.    Late this morning, I was able to reach my youngest brother by phone.  I was relieved to hear that his son, daughter, grandson and ex-wife were off the island, and at a relatives home in Houston.  Another daughter lives with her family in a Huston suburb, hopefully it won’t flood too badly.  He was hoping some or all of the family might come to his home in Louisiana, but that hasn’t happened.  A step-daughter and her children are safe at his home.   Although the situation is parts of Houston aren’t the best, Bolivar and the Island are in for a rough ride tonight.

S-Dad was just here, wanting to see whatever video is available of the island and especially Bolivar.  The webcams won’t load, I guess everyone wants to see.  As with every storm headed that way, we again heard the story of the hurricanes that affected the area when he and mom lived there.  Then one they stayed through, and how far and how fast they ran after that.  These storms are nothing to fool around with.

Please pray for the thirteen million residents of the areas in Ike’s path.  I hope no lives will be lost.

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