Funny, Funny Friday

Perhaps it is funny, but maybe not. As soon as Papa got ready for work this morning, we took the bed, the top of a big shelf and his night stand out of the bedroom. He moved the TV, cable box and VCR last night. Yesterday I took all the books and notebooks and put them in boxes on the front porch. I put the stuff from the top of my dresser in the back room. Remaining in the bedroom are the bottom of a shelf, 2 chests of drawers and the bed frame. The bed frame needs work, I’ll get new bolts today.

If you open the closet, everything falls out at you. If you open the door to my back storage room, more stuff topples. If you look on my front porch, you wonder where all the stuff came from. If you want to eat, you sit at the end of a table which has a TV and it’s accessories on it. If you’re planning on TV, plan on a mattress, box spring, night stand and huge shelf top being in the living room with you and the TV. The underlayment for the floor is in the side entry way, watch out on the way in. Most of the garage is filled with the trim I painted the other day, my van is sitting outside. The whole place is a BIG mess. Messy, but maybe not funny.

I am ready to head to Big Box Home Improvement for more ceiling paint.

The ceiling will be done today. Papa wants to rip out the carpet before doing the walls, so tomorrow morning, the carpet goes. So, tomorrow we will rip out the carpet, paint the walls. Sunday, we’ll put the bed back and wait for the floor. When it comes, we may put the bedroom floor in first, so we can sleep while we do the living room. Maybe it isn’t funny.

D3 had been on vacation this week; she was going to help with the floor, which is not here. So, after Big Box, she and I are headed for Ikea. I’ve never been there, so it’s a grand adventure. Grand, but not funny. We’ll be having the breakfast, I’m not sure if we will stay for lunch. I’m off to get my paint, and I’ll be back to measure everything I might buy at Ikea.

Be at the Kentuckians of Michigan tonight to see Summertown Road. We’ll be there, I don’t think we will get snowed out like the last time they were up this way. See ya there!

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