Funeral Card Friday — Edna Rose Fellows

I am sharing funeral cards on Fridays, following a Facebook meme which you an see here.  I know the meme was for “First Fridays, but I have quite a few, and I like to move ahead when I hear a good idea. Today’s card is from the service of Papa’s grandmother, Edna Rose Fellows. You can click to enlarge the card.

Edna Fellows funeral card

Edna Rose Fellows was born on 2 December 1892 in Newaygo County, Michigan. Her parents were Henry H. Fellows and wife Belle Lamunion. Edna was the seventh child of Henry and Belle.

Edna married Ross P. Fenton on 11 Sept 1909, and they raised a family of six children. You can see a photo of Edna’s final resting place in my cemetery series.

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