Funeral Card Friday – Aldis Pratt

I am sharing funeral cards on Friday, following a Facebook meme which you an see here. Today’s card is from the service of Papa’s uncle, Aldis Pratt. You may click the thumbnail to enlarge it.

Aldis Pratt funeral card

Aldis and his wife Laura (Fenton) farmed and raised a family west of Saginaw, Michigan in Gratiot County. Uncle Aldis was a real gentleman. I remember going to a National Farmer’s Organization dance somewhere near his home about forty years ago. Papa was in the Army, I think it was when he was in Korea. Uncle Aldis danced with every lady in the place. He would bring one back, wait for the band to start again, and ask the next one to dance. It was probably the only time I danced the entire evening.

I remember being at the funeral, but I did not remember until I re-read the card to prepare this post that the funeral was on July 28, 1982, the day, but not the year, that Papa and I married.

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