Fun Zone

I retrieved my “little grandchildren” yesterday.  That’s GS3 and GD1 and GD2.  They are 7, 4, and 2, considerably younger than GS1 and GS2, brothers who have lived here with their Mother, D1 for a few years.  GS3 has this week off school, a happy thing.  He can’t come as often as the girls, since he is older, has school, scouts and other things in his life.  I’ve noticed that I’m older than I was, but Papa and I still manage fine.

So, what does one do with such small children?  For years, we’ve relied on a couple of gems, the Detroit Zoo and The Henry Ford Museum and Greenfield Village.  Within the last year we added the Cranbrook Museum of Science.  All of these fine institutions have membership levels which allow us to bring our grandchildren with us, and reciprocal arrangements with like institutions around the country.

A favorite is our library.  There are some toys, puzzles and puppets in the children’s section, and we come home with a load of books and videos to use at bedtime.

There are also board games, yard cleaning, GG visiting (great-grandparents – like my Mom and step Dad, computer games and the old standby, video and computer games.

Last night both girls got out their aprons and helped me make dinner.  All three carried out the recycling and garbage, helped set and clear the table and ate their share of dinner.

GS3 has reached the age where he is real help.  When we arrived and brought the kids items into the house, he was right there.  And last night I ran to the store and both of the older ones jumped in and helped put the groceries away.

So, D3 and I are taking a field trip today, somewhere.  I’ll let you know where and what fun we have when I can write again!

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