Fun with our Family

We had a wonderful weekend, seeing our little grandchildren and enjoying an early family Christmas celebration. We were missing GS2, who stayed home for his basketball practice, and Step-Dad, who had a cold.

The kids received several gifts, and it was hard to tell which was the biggest hit. The most fun for the spectators was the new Wii game, Active Life: Outdoor Challenge. It came with a floor pad, which is similar to Dance Dance Revolution. The there was running, jumping, mountain climbing and other games I probably missed.

In this one, the girls were racing. There were obstacles to jump, and you had to time your jump by the screen. The most interesting thing was when the Mii tripped over the jump rope and GD1 put both hands to her face and rubbed her nose. The Mii was almost her on that one.

DSC 6358.

Here, Aunt J was helping. GD2, in the pink, was jumping up to the next level on the mountain, and GD1, with assistance from Aunt J. was pumping her controller up and down, which simulated pulling on the rope. We finally had to call out: one, two, three, JUMP, to get the girls in sync.

DSC 6368

My girls never had an Easy Bake Oven, although they must have wanted one pretty bad. Notice that my granddaughters are not similarly deprived.

DSC 6351

Here they are in the nightgowns I made and the robes I bought. There are really great at posing for photos.

DSC 6369


There’s more, perhaps tomorrow. Right now I’m cleaning, washing and resting up a little. But what fun we had.

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