Not sure how it got to be Friday, I don’t remember anything about the previous days.  Well….maybe I do.  Monday, we arrived home about 2 p.m.  I ate, packed a couple of days clothes, and did a bunch of book work for the genealogy Society.  Then I drove to Kalamazoo to help D2.  She and S-in-L had to make a trip to see family, and tie up some lose ends concerning his mother’s affairs.  It’s MEAP testing time in Michigan, and she didn’t want to take the children out of school. 

I spent Monday with GD2, and interesting person.  She needs a princess costume for trick-or-treating.  A princess wears, just for your information, “A Very Pretty Dress”.  So we bought some fabric and I have that dress to make.  I also bought a mermaid pattern so GD1 can be a mermaid.  Combined that with the partly finished kinght costume ensures that I’ll be sewing all week.  We had an evening of homework, and GD1 showed me exactly how to make the lunches for the next day.  She had a plan, and she followed it.  Seems familiar to me.

I basically slept and sat till today, when I must get moving.  The house needs more cleaning, the wash, you know the drill.

More good news arrived last night, D2 and S-in-L have purchased a house, or at lease their offer on one was accepted.  The inspection is being scheduled.  We’re crossing our fingers, the last time them made a house offer it didn’t work out, but we think this time will be different.  If all things go as planned, on the 19th of November I’ll be in Kalamazoo, helping to scrub and paint the walls of the new house.  The idea is to get moved in before December 1, to save a month’s rent.  We’ll have a week to clean and paint, and then the carpet has to be cleaned.  D2 and family will do some other remodeling projects and so on later, perhaps next summer.

So, off the the sewing machine I go.

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