Friday, and a Weekend

Papa and I were happy to be in the audience last Friday, when Russell Moore & IIIrd Tyme out preformed in the Oakland Community College Bluegrass Series. Everyone in the audience was happy, too. The series is back at Lila Jones Theater in Royal Oak; it’s a great venue to hear music in. This group has really jelled in the past six months, it was a pleasure to hear them. I looked over Papa’s photos, and it was hard to pick just one to show you, but I finally settled on this one.

hear that fiddle

This is the very last one picture in the series; the song was John and Mary. During the last couple of breaks, Russell lead a little clapping in time to the song, as he often does. The reason for the big smiles? Justen Haynes had just finished a killer fiddle break. Justin has been with the group for a while now, but just recently we’ve noticed him coming into his own. He’s making his mark, and apparently we aren’t the only ones who have noticed, or appreciate his fine fiddle work. I case you haven’t seen him, here he is (singing, not playing):


The show was the best we have heard the group do in the past couple of months. None of the guys were suffering from a cold or allergy problems, making the vocals truly something to remember. If you are interested in seeing more of Papa’s pictures, they are on his website.

Then came the rest of the weekend. We cleaned, shopped, and relaxed. We actually went to Costco, purchased only what was on the list, and got home in about a half hour. That is amazing! Sunday, we watched the score fest that was the NHL All-Star game on Sunday, and got to bed early. All in all, it was a fine weekend. Now, back to the grind.

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