Five days to open house

Mom is home, she went yesterday. They took away a medicine that could have been the problem, They did enough tests to bankrupt the medical system, got her straightened out, and sent her home. I’m thinking this isn’t going to be a permanent fix, but if sure fixes this week. I did talk to both my brothers during this latest event, it’s the only time I do.

Papa’s mother arrived with him, so our household will include M-in-L for the rest of the week. Lots of thrift shop trips, and other things I wouldn’t do normally. Detroit had record high temps yesterday. We turned on the air, I’ll bet a lot of people did. No other way to breath.

Cut my finger on a knife in the dishwater, had to clean the carpet and some other things were stained, including a couple of Papa’s shirts which I apparently hung up while it was still bleeding. Too many errors there, oh well.

The garbage is out, and another hot day is coming.

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