I just finished posting Papa’s pictures from our time at IBMA in Nashville. There were more than 700! I split them into several galleries, so you can look only a what you are interested in.

Here’s my favorite:


This cute little girl came along, pulling the bass on a cart. The stool was attached somehow, I really wasn’t that close. Anyway, the jam going on was kids, and they didn’t have a bass. So, she unloaded it, put out her stool, got up, and joined in.

It’s what bluegrass is about. Don’t forget.

Oh, and one more favorite:


What a smile! Kristin has been playing that banjo well, very well. I was happy about this win.

And, here’s a singer:


If you’ve never hear Dale Ann Bradley sing a song, you need to. A very popular repeat win. Listen to a sample here.

And here’s the guitar player that didn’t win female vocalist, but he, his partner and their band won just about everything else.


If you want to look at more, they are here.

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