Fenton Family Land Records, Wexford County, Michigan Liber 9 page 559

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I am posting information gleaned from land records in the areas where our family’s ancestors resided. You can read more about this project in the overview. You may also check my deed record listing, which I will update frequently, but probably not every day. This group pertain to Papa’s Fenton ancestors who resided in Wexford County, Michigan.


Date: 13 July 1878
Liber: 9
Page: 559
Location: Wexford County, Michigan
Grantor: Grand Rapids & Indiana Railroad Company a corporation of the State of Michigan and Indiana*
Grantee: Susie M. Fenton, of Manton, Wexford County, Michigan
Witnesses: Francis?, Wm. L. Howard
Type of deed: Warranty
Rec’d and recording: 18 Nov 1880 8 a.m.
Clerk/registrar: C.J. Manktelow
Location of land: Wexford County, Michigan
Consideration: $25
Notes: exceptionally long company title of the Grantor, see below
Description: Lot #3, village of Manton, according to Plot except taxes for 1876 and 1877.

*The complete name of the Grantor from the deed:

The Grand Rapids & Indiana Railroad Company a corporation of the State of Michigan and Indiana respectively, and Yankton County Territory of Dakota for attorneys, and the Continental Improvement Company a Corporation of the State of Pennsylvania and George W. Cass, Trustee, State of New Your and Thomas A. Scott Trustee, State of Pennsylvania

The deed was signed by:

D. Darwin Hughes, Attorney in Fact
Trustee George W. Cass by William A. Howard, his Attorney in Fact
Trustee Thomas A. Scott by Wm. A. Howard, his Attorney if fact

This lot is currently described as Lot 3 in the Railroad Plat of the city of Manton. On the original Plat of Manton can be found in the Michigan Subdivision map search. When you review the plot, you will see that the same attorney signed the plat, on behalf of the same trustees and companies listed on this deed.

I cut just a small part of the drawing out, and here is lot 3. Although it is difficult to see from this small view, the lot is the third one north of South Street, along “Seaman Street”. Seamons Street is now Michigan Avenue, and also the old US 131 highway. You can enlarge this thumbnail by clicking on it.

lot 3 from plat

On this illustration, from the 1889 atlas1, you can see the lot, and the section lines and corners a little better. I drew along two of the defining streets. Main Street, which was M-42 and is now called 16 mile road on the north, and Seamons Street, now Michigan Avenue on the east. The south street was the south limit of the plat, and Randolph Street was the west limit. This is also a thumbnail

lot 3 from 1889 atlas

  1. E.L. Hayes & Co., Atlas of Wexford County, Michigan / compiled by Eli L. Hayes from government surveys, county and township records, and personal investigations and observations , Eli L. Hayes, (Chicago, Ill.: E.L. Hayes & Co., 1889), 29; digital images, The University of Michigan. Michigan County Histories and Atlases. http://name.umdl.umich.edu/3928170.0001.001 : accessed 7 January 2010.
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