Fenton Family Land Records, Wexford County, Michigan Liber 120 page 469

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I am posting information gleaned from land records in the areas where our family’s ancestors resided. You can read more about this project in the overview. You may also check my deed record listing, which I will update frequently, but probably not every day. This group pertain to Papa’s Fenton ancestors who resided in Wexford County, Michigan.


Date: 29 August 1932
Liber: 120
Page: 469
Location: Wexford County, Michigan
Grantor: Lila M. Fellows; Emma V. Barnes; Alfred Fenton and Hazel Fenton his wife; Ross Fenton and Edna Fenton his wife; heirs at law to the estate of Susie Longstreet, deceased.
Grantee: The estate of Harmon H. Longstreet, deceased
Witnesses: Harriet Knapp, Herbert A. Snider
Type of deed: Quit Claim
Rec’d and recording: 1 Dec 1932
Clerk/registrar: Johnson
Location of land: Colfax
Consideration: $1.
Description: an undivided 1/2 interest in and to the land owned by Susie Longstreet and husband Harmon Henry Longstreet in Colfax, Wexford, MI. See descriptions below.

This is another transaction in the paper trail of the Longstreets. Susie’s heirs signed off any claim to the land in the interest of the estate of her husband, Harmon H. Longstreet.

The land was:

SE 1/4 of SW 1/4 Section 9, T23N R10W, 40 acres
S 1/2 of SW 1/4 of NW 1/4 Section 16, T23N R10W, 20 acres
N 1/2 of NW 1/4 of SW 1/4 Section 16, T23N $10W, 20 acres.

I am not posting the map, you can the location of this land on many previous posts, including these:

  1. Liber 101-180, Alfred Fenton granted a license to sell real estate.
  2. Liber 101-433, two twenty acre pieces of land sold by Alfred on behalf of the estate.
  3. Liber 119-530, a deed confirming the land contract sale of a 40 acre piece of land.
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