Fellows Family Land Records, Wexford County, Michigan Liber 97 page 98

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I am posting information gleaned from land records in the areas where our family’s ancestors resided. You can read more about this project in the overview. You may also check my deed record listing, which I will update frequently, but probably not every day. This group pertain to Papa’s Fellows ancestors who resided in Wexford County, Michigan.


Date: 13 December 1919
Liber: 97
Page: 98
Location: Wexford County, MI
Grantor: Ross Fenton & Edna Fenton his wife of Colfax, Wexford, MI
Grantee: Charles E. inker & Belle Tinker of the same place
Witnesses: N.A. Reynolds & Linda K. Reynolds
Type of deed: Warranty
Rec’d and recording: 19 Dec 1919
Clerk/registrar: Slack
Location of land: Colfax
Consideration: $225.00
Notes: N.A. Reynolds was a 1st cousin once removed of Ross Fenton [1C1R]
Description: NW 1/4 of the NE 1/4 Sect 17 T23N R10W

This is another little piece of the section 16 puzzle I am working my way through. When I started going through these deeds, I supposed that dividing they by family made the most sense. Now I see that the land was passed around between families. I should probably have divided it my location of land, ordered by the dates of the transactions.

I am going to keep plodding away, and one day it will all make sense. Why? Because I am making a new spreadsheet which I will be able to sort by section, description, grantor, grantee, or whatever else I think of between now and then. When that is done I will have the whole ball of was. [Do not hold your breath.] I also have a group of transactions for which I am going to clarify information when I make a trip up to Wexford County soon. All of this will hopefully provide a more complete picture of the land transactions and relationships of Papa’s Wexford County ancestors in the 19th and early 20th centuries.

In the meantime, from the Colfax township page of the old 1914 Atlas1 of Wexford County, here is a visual of the land in question.




  1. Standard Map Company., Atlas of Wexford County, Michigan : containing complete maps of all townships, names of property owners, maps of the county, city of Cadillac, United States and State of Michigan., Standard Map Company., Cadillac Evening News (Firm) (Cadillac, Mich.: Cadillac Evening News, c1914), page 20, The University of Michigan. Michigan County Histories and Atlases. http://name.umdl.umich.edu/3928167.0001.001 : accessed 2 November 2009.
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