Evergreen-Sparling Cemetery, Kingsley, Michigan

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This cemetery just west of Kingsley, Grand Traverse County, Michigan on M113, on the south side of the road. I consulted a cemetery transcription which resided in the Kingsley Library. Some photos are thumbnails will open a larger view in a new window, you can close it to continue.

The owners for plot #69 are listed as “Fenton-Thurston”. This photo is an overview of that plot. The large stone says “Thurston”, the smaller two stones in the background near the tree are Eliza John Fenton Thurston, and her second husband, Alfred L. Thurston.

Eliza John married John Fenton, on 19 December 1849, in Clark County Ohio. She was his second wife. John Fenton and Eliza John were Papa’s second great-grandparents. Eliza remarried after Fenton’s death, to Alfred Lorraine Thurston on 10 October 1873.

overviewthrustonplotevergreen thurstonstoneevergreen Elizajohnthurston alfredthruston

Lane Fenton is listed as the owner of plot #891, which is in a newer section.

The stones in the foreground are Dr. George Lane Fenton and his wife Anna May Fenton Baier. George Fenton was a great grand-uncle of Papa, a sibling of John P. Fenton.


Here are 2 views of the marker for Allen Lane Fenton, his first wife Gladys D. Saunders and his second wife Zennah May Rawllings.

Gladyslanezennahfenton gladyslanezennahfentonevergreen3

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    • Brenda on January 7, 2009 at 6:03 pm

    This might be of interest to you Pam, Do you mind if I put a link to this page on my page? I have a photo of Anna in her parlor and one of George alone. One of the inside of the Fention Drugstore and outside.


  1. Thanks for the link, Brenda. Of course you may link here. Thanks for posting the photos and biography. We met Lane Fenton, as he was known, once. He attended the funeral of a mutual cousin in Manton, Michigan many years ago. I remember being startled at how much he looked like a Fenton. Then I thought, of course he does, he is one!

    • Brenda on January 7, 2009 at 7:47 pm

    Hi, I don’t know how many photos you have but I posted more on and attached to the first link.


    Are any of these photos new to you? You are welcome to take them or I can send the full size photos… these are resized and reduced pixel for the web.
    Thanks for all your work, Pam.

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