D1 called home Friday afternoon, asking GS2 to check the mail. He walked out to the mail box, phone in his ear. It contained what we’d all hoped it would, a thin number 10 envelope.

D1 arrived here some years ago with two small sons and a divorce. She had worked, studied and struggled. Several years ago she earned a degree from Wayne State. After the degree, she landed a job in her field, civil engineering. She took the first part of the licensing exam, and passed. Experience is required for a license, so it was a waiting game from then on.

This spring, after weeks of refresher courses, all weekend study sessions, and other tortuous things that students put themselves through, she took the second part of the exam.

The difference is, as she explained, a thick envelope tells you how to sign up to retake the test including locations and dates. The thin envelope contains a different set of information. So, the thin envelope contained what Papa and I expected; what D1 was afraid to be too confident about. Pass. And a short note on how to apply for her license.

It was a very happy weekend around here. All things worth accomplishing are paid for with a lot of effort and sweat and worry. In the case, a very special person got what she earned.


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