Elizabeth Laurence Longstreet

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I received a comment on on on my cemetery posts recently. The writer wondered about the burial of Elzabeth Longstreet. Elizabeth or Elisabeth Laurence, was the wife of Henry Longstreet; they were the parents Harmon Henry Longstreet, second husband of Papa’s ancestor, Susie Melissa Burdick. Her death record on the Seeking Michigan website give the spelling as Elisabeth, but most early census records use the more conventional Elizabeth.

Although I had never heard the cemetery referred to as Dahuff cemetery, the sign said “Dahuff” and “Meauwataka”. A lake just around the corner from the cemetery is “Dahuff Lake”, and some early settlers with the surname Dahuff are buried in the cemetery.

Since Papa and I were already in the area, we scouted around, looking for evidence of her burial. longstreet george

We found a marker on a morning trip, but even high tech manipulation left the image difficult to read.longstreet henry laurence elizabeth cem 1

A trip later in the day revealed that the headstone we found did indeed mark the grave of Henry and Elizabeth Longstreet.


Henry Longstreet
Mar 29, 1823
June 13, 1894
Elizabeth Longstreet
Aug 19, 1821
Sep 10, 1903

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