Dreary, Dreary

It’s raining out, one of those cold, gray days that make me miserable. Dreary. Papa and I are taking off for a long weekend, if nothing else goes wrong around here.

D3 is home with pneumonia, she can’t return to work for a few days. There is good news, D1’s illness is diagnosed and surgery scheduled for December 23rd. She is also off work, for a little longer than D3. S-Dad has had a cold, but he’s on the mend, the last I heard. GS1 says there’s bad karma around here, I guess that’s possible.

Papa and I are fine, except for the winter blahs. I’m sure this long weekend coming up will cure all of that.

So, I’ll post something from Pigeon Forge, where we’ll be at the Larkin’s Christmas Show. We’ll be seeing Dailey and Vincent for the final time this year. (I’m still thinking of totaling up the times we’ve seen them). There’s a lot of great outlet shopping in Pigeon Forge, but we don’t need to shop. So, we’ll see some sites, and keep busy without shopping.

See you soon!

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