Don’t Do This!

I had a little problem with the plants that Papa started this year, they just didn’t do well after I set them out. I didn’t have a clue what the problem was.


Then I dug around a little. Here it is:

Last fall we got some cute little pellet like things at the home improvement store. They were situated in their own tray, ready to start plants in. You put wet the darn things, and they puff up, then you put a seed in the little notch at the top.


The roots of the little plants couldn’t escape the mesh covering on the little peat pellets, and were root bound. I just removed the little bags on the plants that were still living, and they did fine. I also went through the garage and house and threw away all the pellets I could find. We’ll use the trays another year, but never make the pellet mistake again.

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