Done Gone?

Where has Granny been?  I’ve been right here at home, with visiting GS3 and GD’s 1&2, at M-in-L’s for a Labor Day holiday, and back home to get ready for a garage sale.  Garage sale?  Well, D3 has items to unload, so I’m going to do the same.  Not to sure how this will go, but we’ve vowed that the items that make it to the garage won’t return to the house. 

It was a lot of fun to have the visiting grandchildren, even if I did get tired.  I’m just now catching up on my sleep!  M-in-L didn’t help, she goes and goes, like the battery bunny on the commercials.  She’s more than a few years older than me, but you’d never know it.

So, I’m cleaning the files off a couple of old computers, emptying basement shelves, trashing some things, and so on.  The sale is probably only Saturday and Sunday, but will open for a little of Friday if we get a little done these next two days.

Photographs from the Manton (Michigan) Labor Day celebration, and the last two Troy (Michigan) HS football games will be posted today, promise!

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