Doin’ Anything?

I have had a slow week.  I did finish painting the bathroom, and I put some of the items back yesterday.  But the towels are still in the living room, I think the painted shelf needs a few more days to dry out before putting things on it.  The door also needs painting.  Papa will take it off the hinges tomorrow or Sunday, and I will paint it while it lays level on some saw horses.  The results will be better, but it will take a week; both sides need to be done.

I spend one day in the library, that is my goal until garden time, one day on research, and three days entring data.  I’ve slowed down on the data entry this past couple of days, but I’ll be back at it today.  Over on Granny’s Genealogy, I’ve finished posting the first book of items I archived from Belle’s box!  It’s an exciting day, and I’m not quite half way through the entire collection.

Yesterday, I cleaned the house, it needed it.  I also looked through the garage, but didn’t clean.  I found a box of fly tying “stuff”, that needs to be taken to S-Dad.  I guess it got shuffeled here in the move and never made it home.  I need to clean up the front porch, and sort the toys.  There are some to pack up for GS1 and GS2, which were gifts to or possessions of theirs over the years.  I also need to cull out the “baby” toys from the box my little grandchildren play in.

The fact that the little grandchildren continue to grow was emplasized last night when GD1 called to sell us some Girl Scout Cookies.  Oh boy.  Although we expected that call, and knew her troop would be selling them, it’s hard to believe she is already old enough for that.  But, I first sold cookies when I was that age, just a few several many years ago.  D3 recalled a few tidbits from her cookie selling days last night when she heard I had received the call.  She remembered a certain co-worker of  Papa who bought the cookies in cases.  I’m guessing that doesn’t happen much these days.

Papa and I have a little shopping to to this weekend, we are putting in some motion sensing, compact florscent bulb burning lights around here.  Although we do burn all CF bulbs now, the motion sensing option is intended to save electricity and provide safety outside and in the entryway and garage.

So, it is onward and upward, and hurry up spring!

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