Dirty or Clean??

For some reason, the sun casts a different light in the spring. I can see cob webs, smudges, dust and other offensive things so much better in the spring. I want to clean everything, and NOW. It’s not happening, but I did do my usual Monday “stuff”. The house is vacuumed. The bed is changed. The clothes are washed. The floors are mopped. I actually felt so energetic that I brought up the carpet cleaner and cleaned the spots off the sofa and my chair. Now I get to listen to a fan all the rest of the day while I try to get my items dry. I often wonder if we’re really dirty, or really clean. Never have figured it out.

I have a ton of projects, but probably won’t get to all of them now, or even later. But, I keep trying. On thing for sure, I have to start on the flower girl dresses this week. I want to be able to fit them GD1 and GD2 at least once before I finish them, so that means having them around at the proper time. I have everything I need to make the dresses, I just need to put a couple leaves in the table and cut the darn things out. The sewing part is the easy part, at least for me. It will be Wednesday when I get to it, but Wednesday is better than not at all.

I probably also need to make a list. At least then I will be reminded of what to do.

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