Descendants of Henry and Belle Fellows Annual Reunion!

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Our annual reunion is in the planning stages, and the date is set. We hope to have a record turn-out at the home of Jane Warren on August 2, 2009.

Jane is one of the few family members who remain with us who remember “Grandma and Charlie”, Belle Lamunion Fellows Tinker and her husband Charlie Tinker. Jane also has great memories of past reunions, and the more recent ones which have been held at her home. I’ve been posting items from “Belle’s Box”, a box of mementoes and cards which found it’s way to a reunion several years ago. You can see those items, and read about the people in them here.

Reunion invitation, PDF

Reunion invitation, JPG

Please let everyone know, especially those for whom I may have out-of-date e-mail or mailing addresses.

See you there!

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