Dentist, Again?

I have to go to the dentist and get my teeth scrapped off again today. Since I had periodontal surgery eight or so years ago, I’ve been on a quarterly maintainance schedule. Last week, when Papa and I were happily enscounsed on Jekyll Island, I received a call that my appointment was in two days. I’m not exactly sure how I missed that date when we decided to lengthen our vacation, but it really didn’t matter, we were 1,100 or so miles away. So, I resceduled and today is the day.

The problem is, it is five below. I’ve become a softy in my time here in southeastern lower Michigan, and it is rarely that cold. I guess I should be glad that I’m driving a van that is sitting in the garage. I don’t have a garage door opener, but I don’t have to scrape.

I’ve avoided shopping or going anywhere this week because of the cold. I made an exception when I went to lunch with S-Dad, but that wasn’t about the weather, anyway. So, I’ve got a list, and I know where it is. It isn’t that I need to buy a lot of junk, I just need to go too many places to get what I do need, and do what I need to do.

The good news is, I can stay home tomorrow!

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