Day to Day

I’m managing from a list again.  I am having trouble focusing, due to the troubles down south.

The coverage this morning included distribution problems for supplies in Houston; inability of people to get to Galveston to survey their property and the cancellation of the “look and leave” policy; cattle wondering all over and even being eaten by alligators in neighboring  Chambers County, Texas, and much more bad news.

If you are interested in a a quick overview of Houston Television stations reporting on Ike, check here.

In balance, the waters had drained from the Strand historic district in Galveston, and a huge race track parking lot filled with power trucks and crews.  The line workers were standing in a line for breakfast, and would be heading to neighborhoods to fix downed lines in Houston neighborhoods at daylight.  The broadcast mentioned that trucks and crews were there from as far away as Canada.

Today, I need to finish cleaning Lex for winter storage, vacuum the house and a few other choice tasks.  I hope to have some genealogy time, too.  Maybe if I add it to the list?

Tomorrow, I headed for Kalamazoo, to retrieve our three youngest grandchildren.  There’s no school Friday, and I’ve been waiting for a visit for a while.  Papa and I will have a good weekend with the Kids.

Please remember, the Steep Canyon Rangers are presenting a concert in Royal Oak, Michigan Friday.  Check my handy countdown timer for links to information.  Be there.

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