Dailey & Vincent

Jamie Dailey and Darrin Vincent will bring their highly acclaimed group, Dailey and Vincent, to the Lila Jones Theater, Oakland Community College Royal Oak Campus tomorrow.  You can read about the show and buy tickets on-line.  There are only 39 on-line tickets left as of this morning, and I’m sure this show will be a sellout, so make the effort to get your seats in advance.

We’ve seen this this group a lot this year, not just a large shows, but everywhere.  It seems that every time we turn around they are there, on stage, working hard.  If I get time, I’ll tally up the number of their appearances we’ve seen this year, it’s going to be around fifteen, I think. It’s not a cliche to say they are the hardest working bunch in bluegrass music right now.

Even with taking December 14th to January 7 off from their tour for Christmas vacation, they have 17 more performances between now and then.   It’s a blistering pace, similar to that the Lewis Family kept for years.  After tomorrow, we will still see the band a Joe Mullins’ fine Southern Ohio Indoor Music Festival next weekend, and at the Larkin’s Christmas in the Smokies on December 12.

Darrin and Jamie cleaned up at the IBMA awards show last month, and we felt privileged to be in the audience to see it unfold.  Hear some samples on their MySpace page, or search around YouTube.

If you can’t or won’t search, check this out. Perhaps not the best quality, even for YouTube, but it shows why I think this is the best blend of voices in bluegrass right now.

We’ll see you tomorrow night, be sure to say hi!

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