Around my house, when a person says, “That (insert a person, place thing, event or idea) is driving me crazy”, Papa quickly says, “Short trip!:” I am beginning to think he has a little something there. Not much, but something.

I am busy doing a variety of things, none of which amount to much, but as a group, they are overwhelming me. It’s driving me crazy, or perhaps I’m already there. So, a quick round-up:

After our vacation, we returned home and I realized that this spring is the spring that I need to repaint the bathroom, living room and dining room. The kitchen probably needs it too. Just washing the walls won’t do it, but I do need to declutter, scrub, pick paint and get ready. This stuff takes me a lot longer than it used to. We are also hoping to put laminate flooring in the living room and possibly our downstairs bedroom to match what we put in the dining room a couple of years ago. My motto, always bite off more than you can chew.

My genealogy projects are treading water, and in danger of sinking. I’m doing fine with the genealogy blog, but my resolution to get on top of my lagging data entry is on the way down, and I need to revive it.

The every-day tasks, vacuuming, dusting, laundry, meals, dishes and so on are taking me longer than they used to. I just don’t move as fast, or get as much done as quickly.

I have to get the taxes together, sooner, not later. I also have year end bookkeeping and forms for on-profit of which I am treasurer to get done.

There are a few loose ends on S-Dad’s old place. This is really nothing, but has to be accomplished.

I think I’m giving up on the computerized to-do list, and going back to pen and paper. At least I see the paper list every time I sit down. It keeps me going better that something I have to access on the computer.

So, for today, I’m going to pack a couple of momentos S-Dad left with me, which belong to one of my brothers, along with a separate photo CD that Papa sold, and get them in the mail. While on that trip I will check S-Dad’s mail and forward if necessary, and get the utilities turned off. I will do some minor bookwork for the Genealogy Society and get ready for the month end reports. I will shovel the drive, near the doors first. Papa blew the snow out of the end of the drive, but I didn’t go our yesterday, so the cars are sitting in 8 inches of snow. They have to be moved, and the snow removed. Again.

When all that is done, I will spend at least an hour entering genealogy data. Hopefully, there will be time to make dinner, too!

I hope all of you have a great Monday, too!


    • Apple on January 19, 2009 at 9:07 pm

    I was feeling just a wee bit guilty for not getting much done today but compared to your list I was a real slacker! Hope you got it all done and that you get a break from the snow.

    Appleā€™s last blog post..Sarah Ann Camfield, 12 May 1887

    • on January 20, 2009 at 6:40 am

    Well, I don’t work, and I don’t have children at home, so I have more time than you, My problem isn’t listing what needs to be done — I’m great at that. Getting things done is where there is so much room for improvement. I’ll get some, and the rest will wait…

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