Countdown to open house

Someone has been using my computer again. There are 6 residents of this house and 5 computers. All have access to the internet through the network. Grandsons One and Two are forced to share a computer (oh no), but the usual reason for someone using mine is that it is in the dining room. This is bad news for all; I get real annoyed about it. I am no longer signed in on my homepage and have to provide a user name *AND* password.

The open house is 15 days away, so wisely, instead of making a list of what’s left to do I am wasting time posting on a Blog no one reads. Next week is my last “work week”. I know when we come home from “up North” after Memorial Day we will have a hitchhiker in our van. Papa’s Mother will return with us.

The only other attendees for the open house from our former home will drive down the day of, and leave the day of or the day after. Grandma needs to be here ahead of time, and cannot ride with any of them. After all, she’s the only one in the family that can make potato salad that any of us will eat (including me).

I’m in charge of the tables and chairs and the good news is I should finish in this lifetime. Daughter Three brought home 5 tables from work yesterday. Three works in a hardware store, which found itself with a stock of plastic patio tables with white tops and cream colored legs. I’m now the proud owner of 5 round plastic tables, which were on markdown and were purchased with an employee discount. We’ll be sitting on the grass, but we’ll have tables to put our food on.

Oh yes, the chairs. I’d been wanting some of those old metal lawn chairs like we sat in when I was a child, just a few years ago. Papa and I purchased 2 of those gems during a road trip through Ohio several years ago. You may know the story, the metal was solid, etc, etc, etc. This project has been filed in the garage for several years. I started this week and was dismayed to find that it’s FRIDAY already and I haven’t even removed all the old paint. So, you know what is on today’s list. Wish me luck–better still come over and help.

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