Common Craft, Tech Training for Granny

I ran across a cool website a couple of months ago. It belongs to a company which makes training videos for clients, some of whom are in high tech industries.

The interesting thing is; the company has several videos available to help people like me, that need a simple explanation to understand how certain things work. Common Craft manages to condense what you NEED TO KNOW on a subject in a simple, short video. Here’s one of their most popular videos, how RSS (Really Simple Syndication) works. As a person who has tried to explain this topic, more than once, I’m glad I found the video. I’ll give the link to everyone who wonders about this topic, check it out:

If you are very Tech savoy, you won’t give a darn about this stuff, but for many of Granny’s friends, this video, and several others produced by the company will be of great interest.

Check out Common Craft, especially if you are involved in training anywhere. I really think this company has a great concept.

If you just want to watch the free videos, check out their YouTube Channel.

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