Choppers Revisited

Someone over on Scanfest asked about my choppers. Well, actually they asked about my pool boy, but I don’t really have pool boys.

I went out to check the daffodils on April 1 and here is what I found, they have yellow tips and about are ready to blossom.


Additionally, there was a chopper and a sawyer.



The Cardinal had crashed in the stiff wind, but the blue jay was hanging in.



I was actually pretty happy with the pictures I took. The wind was really whipping, and the chopper and sawyer were rotating like mad. I use a Sony Cybershot 3.3 mega pixel camera (DSC-S70) which I bought YEARS ago. I have taken tombstone photos, photos of images projected on microfilm pages, photos of books, all kinds of excellent photos with my trusty camera.

It was the first digital camera I owned, I think it was about ten years ago that I got it. It is so old, that I cannot buy batteries or memory sticks that it can use. I love the camera, but it is truly obsolete. It uses regular memory sticks, the originals. It also needs batteries called “infoLithuim”; other replacements without the exact technology don’t work.

Because of the proprietary technology I probably won’t buy another Sony product. At the time, they made a fortune off me, that the end of the day, I don’t want to purchase disposable technology.

I guess that is the end of my rant for today. Have a good one!

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