I have mixed feelings about the cats.  I really can’t imagine live without them, I’ve had one – at least for most of my stay-at-home lives.  Some days, however, I get real tired of them and wonder where I could send them.

 There are two cats in this house, and I don’t own any, and I own both.  Cats are a crazy independent animal, capable of being both yours and not yours as they see fit.  Papa and I were gone a lot this summer, and the cats missed us.  When we came home, they were hard to get rid of, always on the bed, or the seat we wanted to sit in, or our laps.  This is because I am the most reliable household member.  For the most part, I get up at the same time each day, fill the food and water dishes, clean the litter boxes and hang around to provide further entertainment. Not saying much, is it?  But, it’s what a cat likes, consistency. 

I would like a little of the same from them, but I can’t get it.  When I’m sad, I want a cat in my lap, not when I’m trying to write, compose, or read.  When I want to make the bed, I don’t need a cat’s help.  When I put my jeans on the dresser to wear again (pretty frequent in the cool weather when I run out just for a minute and come back home), I don’t want white cat hair on them.  When I’m washing I don’t need a cat in the basement, it’s a pain to find her and bring her back up.

A couple of nights ago, Papa and I had just fallen asleep.  We woke up to the noise of a cat playing with a clear plastic sewing machine bobbin on the laminate floor outside our room.  I said a few choice words, got up, found the toy and put in on my dresser, with my jeans.  This morning, I’m carrying things around, trying to put them away.  I put away most things on the top of the dresser, but the jeans had to stay till I want to go to the store, perhaps tomorrow.  The cat that likes the bobbin found it and started to roll it around on the floor again.  She noticed I was interested, and took it over to store in my shoe.  Then, when I was interested again she carried it elsewhere.

These cats have toys, lots of them.  But we wasted our money.

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