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Mower controlled by Wiimote

I think I need this thing.  I was just looking out the window, and I think I would be able to use it pretty soon. Don’t you want it, too?  It even has a website.

Almost Finished!

Well, I’ve been busy.  After my day at the Library of Michigan Wednesday, I spent Thursday playing catch up.  I’m not there, but almost.  I spend some time in the yard, finally!  It sure felt good to be outside.  I raked one of the ditches near the street and hauled the leaves to the still …

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Pickin’ on Cystic Fibrosis

Papa and I had a wonderful time yesterday at our friend Jimmy’s benefit show, Pickin’ on Cystic Fibrosis.  So wonderful, I took a great nap after we got home this afternoon. When we arrived I realized there was Internet access from the facility; but social networking sites were blocked.  No, I don’t have a fancy …

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Choppers Revisited

Someone over on Scanfest asked about my choppers. Well, actually they asked about my pool boy, but I don’t really have pool boys. I went out to check the daffodils on April 1 and here is what I found, they have yellow tips and about are ready to blossom. Additionally, there was a chopper and …

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More Plain English

For all my friends who need to understand, Common Craft does it again! This is, “Computer Software in Plain English”. I wish these simple explanations were around when my Mom was asking, “How does it work?”  Really, she needed to know every detail.  She had one of those minds that couldn’t just accept, she probed …

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Look at the Sun Shine!

The crappy stock market, my horrible sinus headache, the dust, none of it could out-do the sun this morning.  It’s pretty darn cold outside, but the sun is shinning in (and showing the dust!) The outside of the bathroom door is painted, first coat.  The wash is started, the garbage and recycling at the curb, …

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It Was a Weekend

Friday was pretty nice, so I painted. I’m working on the bathroom, trying to get a little paint to drag me out of the winter doldrums. The Wings won, life was good. Saturday came, and Papa and I went to the home improvement big box store. We didn’t find what we wanted, but bought a …

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Saturday is Right Around the Corner

There are a bunch of options for bluegrass in the D this weekend.  After careful consideration, Papa and I have decieded to head down to the Huron Valley Eagles and see B0 and John and ’em.  We’ve seen Bo sing quite a bit, but this will be the first time we’ve seen this group.  Bo …

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Twitter in Plain English

You all know by now that I’m a big fan of  Lee LeFever, and his product, explanation.  Common Craft is GOOD at explanation.  Here’s their latest: There, since you’ve learned something today, you can take the rest of the day off.

Sixty-Four or One-Twenty-eight?

I read a few tech columns and blogs, but not enough so you would mistake me for a technology wiz, or even someone with more than basic knowledge of “How stuff works”.  Today, however, a headine in my reader caught my eye, and I didn’t mark the item as “read”, I actually read the darn …

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