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Home Again

Papa and I arrived home a couple of days ago, after a tour that included 3 bluegrass festivals, 2 quick stops at home, 3 grandchildren, a couple of rainstorms, and a bunch of fun. First, the bluegrass, the reason for the tour. We attended the Hart Brothers Festival near Guysville, Ohio. Had a great time, …

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Back on Track

I’ve been working more on my hobby, genealogy. For that reason it was interesting to receive a request from someone for some copies of pictures I have. Not of people, but painted by someone. That someone, an uncle of mine by virtue of the fact he married one of my father’s sisters; was a diverse, …

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Papa takes a lot of pictures.  I don’t always look at them, the sometimes I do.  Today I did look at every picture he took at the Southern Ohio Indoor Music Festival last weekend.  The lighting and background gods were smiling.  The camera settings were right.  The whole bunch is great.  Check em out here.  …

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Spring is Coming

Here are our granddaughters at Mayfest last year.  Scroll down to the bottom.  The extra little girl, who has the braid, was camped near us.

Like Father, Like Son

All the Grandmas like to see things like this: This is one of Larry and Lisa Efaw’s grandsons.  I understand the little guys received little guitars and fiddles at Christmas.  This one loves to be on stage.  Emcee Charlie  Patton made sure this one was out front were we could all get a good look.  …

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We’re Off!

We are headed for Perrysburg Ohio, just south of Toledo later this morning. A indoor festival has been held there for years. With Larry and Lisa Efaw at the helm, the show is on the way up. This year, the Daily-Vincent band, Bobby Osborne the Hart brothers and many more are playing. It was a …

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A break from the bad weather

The weather missed us, at least most of it.  It did rain and spit some ice yesterday.  It was raining hard when we went to bed last night.  This morning, there is a wee bit of ice on some surfaces, but the traffic is racing by as usual on the main road near us.  We …

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Here Comes the Weather

Papa and I had a great trip to Pigeon Forge at the end of last week.  We drove home on Sunday, narrowly escaping the ice storm that caused trouble in Northern Ohio and Southeastern lower Michigan.  We did see a few accidents, but at the time we went through, a little commen sense would have …

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Monday, Monday

What a weekend.  D2 arrived on Friday night with GS3, and GD’s 1 and 2.  We had a nice evening, and everyone but GD3 went to bed early.  We could here her from our bedroom, “Wake up sister! Let’s have a tea party.  Want to have cucumber sandwiches? Let’s stay up all night!”.  I guess …

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Quick Thursday Post

I’ve been reading a bunch of gene blogs, reminding me to either remove the tag and make some gen posts. At least it might remind me. There is a lot of good material and wisdom out there, partake when you can. Time is catching up to me. The beautiful princess costume is complete, and the …

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