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The Weekend is Upon Us

Be sure you attend the Auburn Hills Parade of Stars Bluegrass Festival tomorrow. It’s a bunch of fun, and they have excellent bands in a nice location. We always have a good time and see lots of friends.

Sally’s Pillows

I may have written about Sally, but lately she’s really been on my mind.  One reason, a number of her sewing and craft items are here.  I am the logical storage location for the sewing supplies, materials and patterns, I love to sew, and I do so often.  However, I’m not crafty, not at all. Sally …

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Like Father, Like Son

All the Grandmas like to see things like this: This is one of Larry and Lisa Efaw’s grandsons.  I understand the little guys received little guitars and fiddles at Christmas.  This one loves to be on stage.  Emcee Charlie  Patton made sure this one was out front were we could all get a good look.  …

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Haul out the Padded Bras….

D1 was shopping for her nieces, Gds 1 and 2 recently.  She gave me several indignant paragraphs regarding the padded bras available in the girls section of a major department store.  This is not a discount store, and it also isn’t an upscale specialty shop.  I think it’s silly to offer bras in sizes to …

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Hunker Down

There’s a term I haven’t heard in a while, but it is what entered my head this morning.  Winter time is a good time to feather one’s nest and hunker down in it. Our children and grandchildren didn’t do that yesterday, and we’re glad of it.  We had a very nice family “Christmas” yesterday.  One …

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Not a Good Start to the Day

So GS2 got up late this morning and missed the bus.  I threw on my coat, grabbed my grocery list and headed for the school.  I’ve got to say, it is a real mess in the drop off/pick up area there.  It was early, dark, and all the teens were half asleep.  For at least …

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TIME OUT from the fun, please read this carefully.  Especially if you are concerned about the future on our earth.  The Detroit Free Press front page is screaming at me today, “Ski-high dioxin level taints river in Saginaw”.  People, if you don’t understand about dioxins you aren’t alone.  Dr. Linda Birnbaum made a presentation on …

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Vote here for the “Click on Detroit” channel 4 team HS football team of the week.  Oh ya, vote for Troy, please.

Sunny and Bright today

It’s a nice looking day, already.  The garbage men already took the leaves, so they’re right with it.  Of course, even though I worked hard yesterday, there are many leaves on the lawn again.  We only bag the one from the walnut tree, the remainder we mow up and put on our garden.  So, I …

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Funny, very Funny

Today is the day that the government celebrates my birthday.  Or something like that.  So, here is the explanation.  When I was born, November 11 was Armistice day.  You older folks know, the eleventh hour, the eleventh day, the eleventh month.  For the younger ones, it was the day WWI ended.  A few years after …

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